Therapy for Teens

Youth are faced with many struggles and transitions that are unique.

Therapy for Teens:

With brains still developing in the teen years, it is crucial to understand that youth are still working on managing emotions. This is why it is important to validate that the pressures and stressors of this season can be overwhelming for both parents and teens. I want you to know that this is common. It is also an opportunity for skill-building, validating, and creating goals that can lead teens and parents into a confident path forward.

For Teens: School pressures, social pressures, changing friendships, changing goals and hobbies, upcoming life transitions, and decisions are all aspects of teenage life that can feel like too much to juggle. With the increasing growth of social media platforms, such as TikTok, or trying to navigate the aftermath of isolation from a global pandemic, these teen years can be especially challenging.

For Parents: Maybe you are having trouble knowing how to connect with your teen due to the season they are in and the developmental changes they are going through. It is also possible that you are concerned about the negative coping behaviors your teen is developing. This new season can be uncertain for you both, but it can also bring growth to your relationship as you learn to navigate the changes together.


Whether you are a teen yourself or a parent of a teen, I want to validate that this season of life is short, but it is a crucial time for development and growth.

With the prefrontal cortex being one of the last regions in the brain to fully mature, this makes the adolescent brain vulnerable to environmental stressors and risky behaviors. For more information on brain development and teens, please visit the National Library of Medicine.

This is why it is my goal to create the right atmosphere to have meaningful conversations. My mission is for you to feel validated, challenged, important, seen, and inspired in this season.

I have many years of experience working with adolescents struggling with self-esteem issues, self-harm, relationships, and life transitions, and I know the unique challenges being thrown at this vulnerable season of life.

My passion for adolescents began with my work in residential treatment for emotionally disturbed youth. I learned that so much of what they needed was simply a consistent, trusted relationship and a safe place to be vulnerable.

I furthered my experience with adolescents within the Department of Children and Family Services, where I focused on crisis intervention for teens struggling with self-harm, suicidality, and more serious mental health conditions.

I am passionate about helping families navigate this season of life between childhood and adulthood, which can sometimes be awkward, difficult, unknown, and scary. But confronting it in a safe and consistent place is a great way to start receiving support for a season of changes.

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